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My dad died in 95

The last night before the burial, I couldn’t sleep and I felt I had to say something at the burial for the family and for me. No one else felt up to doing any thing like this and they were going to just let the priest say the last words. I couldn’t let my dad go without giving him some last words and saying my good-byes. These are my last words for my dad.


By Edwin Galarza

(Written September 22, 1995)


Enrique Galarza

(April 10 1926 to September 10, 1995)


What can one say at a time like this. What I have is emptiness. What I can share is some memories. I feel a need to say some word, if not for my mother or in behalf of my Brothers and Sisters, at lease to have a peace of mind and soul.

Enrique - the man, the husband, the father, the friend. We all have our memories of him, how he was, the things he did. We can all share a few thought of the person he was. I know everyone has their faults and Dad had his. But I can say I never saw him do something out of spite or vengeance to hurt someone purposely. Enrique did what he wanted, he live like he wanted and went where the four winds blew him. He was a simple man, a caring man and he helped other went he had little or nothing to give. He was a hard worker and always found work no mater what. He was the funny guy who would bring laughter to others even when he had pain. He was the father that took me to the movie. And the traveling man who never stayed in one place to long.

Papi, don't worry about anything you may have done wrong, I take it upon myself to speak for your sons and daughters, you been forgiven along time ago. If anything I ask for your forgiveness for the emotions that flared in your passing. I think it was the sadness in you leaving us, and the helplessness of not being able to do more for you. Everyone grieves in there own way. I for one am sorry I wasn't able to do more for you, or with you. And yes I was kind of mad at you for leaving so soon, for leaving this empty space in my soul. But even though I will carry this emptiness until we meet again, my heart is happy that you're at peace and have no more pain and suffering.

I was happy to be with you for your last travels across the U.S. back to New York. You are loved and will be missed by friends and family on both side of the U.S. and Puerto Rico. But for your Wife and Kids I think it's a little bit more. So for Wilma and Sonia in California, Henry, Robert, me Edwin and Mommy, I want to say we Love you, and you take part of us with you.

And so as our journey comes to an end and your new one begins I leave you with this little saying from all of us. Your little saying that I will never forget and hold dear to my heart.

Cojelo con take it easy!
Adios Papi, Till we meet again.

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