Welcome to Edwin's Creative Dreams Web page.
"Where imaginations take shape"

I've been into all type of Artistic and Creative art forms all my life, (Painting, Sketching, Sculpturing, Photography, Glass Blowing, Dancing, Disc Jock and playing a number of instruments) and now in this age of Computers I am using this Technology to bring together all the different art forms I've used in the past.

One way I found to express my interest is through the Web, which I find to be an art form of its own.

It is a form of communication that permits us to express our thoughts and feeling in a creative way only limited by ones imagination.
No longer does one have to confined their ideas and thoughts to the limits of their home. We no longer have to wonder, who if anyone may share our thoughts, our ideas or likes and dislikes.
We just send our thoughts through the Web and wait for a response.

Like a message in a bottle, but sent out on a pleasantly crowded beach not a desolate, eternal sea of blue.

The Web now allows us to share our Creative Dreams, not only with Family and Friend but with the World.

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