Creative Dreams Artworks
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An old drawing I did at 14 yrs old Bring it into the 3d world Dancers Building1 Building2
SalsaLogoWht EdsLogo Prnote Just another logo pic. Blimp
RedConga Bongo Timbales Maracas Putting it all together
On Planet Suface
First drawingA drawing I did, at about age 12, of a spaceship. With the technology today, you can make old ideas come to life.
New 3D Image
AngleOpen AngleOpen Click to see larger animation Gvan Over NY GVan Over SF
Old drawings I did back in the late 60s to early 70s using fluorescence paint
Target Old painting An old painting I did at about 14 or 15 of John Carter of Mars Queen of Mars From a cover

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