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Silent screams from the heart

Long I have watched out my windowpane,
                              at the stormy night and the rainy day.
            Alone in the cage that is my heart,
                                       barred from the nurturing of the Sun's ray.

Long I have walked down the dark streets,
                                         searching for I know not what
                              with fear of no blade.
           Lost in my shadows I call out for help,
                  I yell for direction,
                                       but alone
                                                here I stay.

No one can hear the scream from my heart,
                          like the scream from a dream though as real as they seem.
            I awake and still I scream
                            but no one responses to my call,
                                               can they hear me at all,
                                      or is this a dream within a dream.

I laid there in the wet that is dry,
                          in the heat that is cold,
                                     in the silence that is loud,
                                               in my pain that is my soul.
           As the night turns to day,
                          as the seasons turn away,
               is this the life I will live till I'm crippled and old.

I must search for the truth for the spark that is life,
                                in the joy that is youth as when children play.
             So void from all harm,
                                       free from alarm,
                 knowing not that the boundaries of the heart are so shallow and fray.

I ask not for riches,
                I ask not for gold,
         For the jewels and treasure a kingdom can bestow
                All I wish for is that spark that can give life to my heart,
                                                        and bring warmth to the blood
                                               that in my veins flow.

Can it be too much to ask,
                           can it be so hard,
                as I walk in the streets and my eyes do behold.
        Here and there, I see love everywhere,
                       with not a care to the world that any or all may watch or know.

I know that its there,
             the love that is shared,
                  the kissing and caring as the love shows.
       Let me be embrace
                    in the essence that is love;
                        let it float me away, like a leaf in the wind as it blows.

So long I have dreamed for,
                                    prayed for,
                                          cried for,
                        a love that is true and my own.
         Yet the truth that is real,
                           from dreams I wake not,
                                               for here I still sit
                                           empty heart and alone.

Edwin Galarza
26 February 2004

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