Kids Pictures
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Under the XmasTree The Movie Star Happy Birthday to me... Don't mess with me. Don't bother me
Under the XmasTree Power Ranger? At play Ha, Ha.. Video Games, just one more level..
The Kids. I see Tony is already getting hooked on Video games. Elisa, Brandon & Tony Big car seat On Thanksgiving Day Tony&Elisa ending our visit
Kids&Me1 Kids&Me2 Kids&Me3
New Picture with Kids in Jan 2002
Getting ready for our trip Can we leave now? Waaaay down town, near the Brooklyn Bridge. Waiting on line to see Ground Zero What's still standing.
Before Sept 11, you couldn't see these buildings from here. I knew I wanted to get there before Night Fall...  %$&# $@*&... On our way to see the big lady. What's missing? Are we cold or what?
Leaving the Statue of Liberty. Hey who was it that took this pic. The Empire State Building still standing tall. Was this Toys R Us? Times Square, 42nd St. NY, NY. So nice they named it twice.

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