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A little bit of Me, Poem 5

In search of a Friend

In search of person, that I can call a friend,
No faker, or player, or attitudes to mend,

Just to walk and talk, and maybe go out,
Hopefully not born yesterday, so you'll know what it's all about,

I am a male, not gay, and not death yet,
I do have my desires, and like to play in bed,

I know it's not all there is to life, just saying it to be said,
So don't get me wrong, it's not all that's in my head,

But if you hear barking and woofing, and attack you think I might,
I'm not bad, so don't worry, hey, who know, you might even like,

I like little kissing and biting, and here and there a lick,
Okay, I better not go there, and no I'm not trying to be slick,

I am only human, and hope that you'll be too,
If we control our hormones, we'll find other things to do,

But let not change the subject, so let get back on track,
I wouldn't want you to think I'm a player, or just putting up an act,

I'm searching for a friend, not just for sex or for lust,
But for the friendship two people share, that can change the me to us,

Tall, dark and handsome, is what most girls look for,
Let not forget rich and successful, and hopefully not a bore,

I guess I can wish the same, big breast, rich and creamy,
Ok, Ok, I can settle a bit, so I'll just stop my wild dreaming,

You can't blame a guy for dreaming his dream; it's the one thing they can't take away,
Your dreams are yours, so dream your dreams, just don't stay dreaming all day,

Live life to the fullest, is what I hear many woman say,
Can't understand the saying, can you really live life that way,

Some of us may be fortunate, and can have at their beck and call,
But more of us struggle thought life, and have our share of downs and falls,

I cannot say what I am today, or what I've been before,
So judging I leave to those who judge, for I judge myself no more,

As for judging those I know not now, I know we all sing our own tune,
I keep an open mind; cause imposing our beliefs is our doom,

"Believe and think as I think and believe, or else I'll sent my army",
Little do we know that we all think the same, the song is just not sung in harmony,

I've been to both end of this beautiful world, that can be travel outside of the house,
From the Aleutian Islands in the north, to Antarctica in the south,

The sad thing of all my travel, and these wonderful adventures of mine,
Is that I had no one to really share it with, so it seem almost like lost time,

For the story of unshared adventures we tell, if to tell our story we are able,
Without someone to confirm your tale, it's your story, nothing more than a fable,

But who cares about where we've been, around the world or even the stars,
It's the heart that beats inside of us, that makes us who we are,

I'm not trying to make any promises, or want any in return,
I've had my share of broken hearts, I'm not trying to burn or get burned,

To live and love, is that all we need in life, can we live life without love,
Some seem so strong in their belief in love that they pray to god above,

"It is better to have love and lost, than not have love at all",
I think the guy, who said this, may never have taken a fall,

The pain of a lost love, and a broken heart to mend,
Is not an easy task to do, but we learn to deal with it in the end,

I want to believe in this thing call love, and don't mind to hear it in song,
If it happens it happens, I'll take it slow this time, you see, I just don't want to be wrong,

In search of someone who could take the time, to see more of me than there is,
For those who just read the cover of the book, there's so much in life you can miss,

Someone who's intelligent and creative, I would like to find,
To share some fun and laugher, and maybe go out and dine,

I like to walk the sandy beaches, and enjoy the day to night,
Watching the waves as they play with the sand, and the sun set, a beautiful sight,

In search of a person, who won't be scare to dance,
You see I do like to Salsa, come on, will you take that chance,

Just spending moment together, and enjoying a little time,
A movie, the Theater, what ever comes to mind,

Someone who would encourage you, and maybe give you a tug,
And maybe when your feeling down, might even give you a hug,

There are many times we could use a hug, and I know this as a man,
A simple hug can sometimes do more for us, than all the riches throughout the land,

Searching for someone who can see, that it's not the riches in the world,
It's the caring and understanding; that I seek in this special girl,

I hope it's not too much to ask, and I'm hoping she will see,
That I'm searching for that one, that person, that part, that will help complete me,

By: Edwin Galarza, 15 May 2002

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