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A few Poems of mine

A few Poems I wrote, at different times.

Desires and dreams

You want to know who I am, my interests, and my passions,
This is how life as molded me, and how my life is fashion.

The joy I feel in dancing is a joy I feel for sure,
For when I'm on the dance floor, from all else it is a cure.

With the right person in hand, dancing Salsa can feel as if it were a fantasy,
Two bodies as one, as I spin you around and embrace your body in ecstasy,

Little are the things I do enjoy, so I enjoy what little is on hand,
I try my best to enjoy those moments, not alone, if ever I can.

As child, I was not with pockets of plenty, with jewel and nuggets of gold,
More time then not, a tummy so empty, in my pockets, nothing more than a hole.

I try to do right as I grew,... being caring and honest as a man,
But try as I might to know wrong from right I still ended up as I am

Risk it all for love, like an idiot or fool, I know is a thing I can do,
Yes love I have felt, for good and for bad, but I know not how real or how true,

The pain of a lost love, is a hard thing to take,. weather broken heart,. or betrayal,
Does harden your heart, from the sorrow and hurt, cause it's something we dislike to fail.

The sadness and pain on my love one, I can't say I like to dwell,
The pain that my love would suffer, is the pain that I feel as well.

And if the power is within me, I'll try and I'll try to the very end,
I'll do my very best, for the hurt in her heart to mend.

Twinkle, twinkle little star, I wonder not were you are,
For high above the sky so blue, from my reach, you are too far.

I've dreamed,. many a dreams, as the star in the sky so blue,
Many are the stars that fall from the sky but few are my dreams that come true.

Are desire and dreams one and the same, or are desires just things to do,
One and the same or the same as one, to me they both seen to elude.

Follow your desires or follow your dreams, can I do it as if it was art,
Many are the desires but none are as true as the one that I follow from the heart

For inside my heart is my strongest desire that I hold most high and above,
Is for some day some way, above all else, to some how find my True Love.

I guess I can wish away, and imagine things, not as they are seeming,
But like a slap on the head, I'm always reminded, Can't dwell on all my wild dreaming,

You can't blame a guy for dreaming his dream; it's the one thing they can't take away,
Your dreams are yours, so dream your dreams, just don't stay dreaming all day,

So why keep trying, with the pains and the struggles, am I dumb, nothing more than a dope,
Because deep down inside, in the center of our heart the one thing to cling to is hope.

Edwin Galarza June 21, 2003,

I was thinking long and hard one night. When I finally was going to bed I saw the sun was beginning to appear. I open the door and sat down just taking it in while I thought. I was trying to write a poem of what I saw.

From night to day, day to night

As she approaches, from so far away
Long have I waited, from night to day
She climbs the mountain, to a sky so blue
With her rainbow of colors, a job to do

Painting the clouds with the show of her hair
A fireworks of color, beyond compare
When will I see her, when will we meet
Over the mountains she comes, but I'm fast asleep

Strong is the feeling, but light is the touch
Never together, but the need is so much
High above, the angels now all white
Away from my love, I fall far from sight

So many, many, miles away
To come to me, but I can not stay
Life can be cruel, life can be wrong
But life in it's self, permit us to go on

My search now begins, my blank of blue
An essence of her love, of my love so true
Can't live without her, or her without me
A love that's forever, but we may never see

By: Edwin Galarza

My thoughts of you

Out here in a sea so blue
All my thought of only you

I ask of how this can be
To feel so much, and never see
this person immersed in my mind
could this be some kind of crime

She stole my heart and has my soul
yet in my arms, I long to hold,
this girl I've yet met, my mind so dwells
have I fallen in her spell

Be it good or be it bad
I wonder why I feel so sad
when her voice I do not hear
deep inside I feel so weird

I can't believe I miss so much
this person that I've yet to touch

When on the phone the times we speak
I feel you are the one I seek

I dream of things I like to share
my travels, my life, my love, I dare
to you, to come and join with me
and feel the joy of what can be

And so I say to you no lie
of what I feel so deep inside

I think of you time and again
and that is why this poem I send
Cause of everything, whatever I do
my mind return to thoughts of you.

written by Edwin Galarza on 20 July 99,

In search of her Romeo, My Juliet.

Oh Juliet, Juliet, wherefore art thou
You stole my heart, and I know not how
What is it, you wished upon
For this love, that you have won

True of heart is who is me
Though Romeo, I may not be
But for what it is, you truly care
Is it Romeo; or a love so rare

Rare to me you truly are
So long I've wished upon a star
For a love that would be true
I pray the lord to send me you

But what is this thing, that we call love
Does it come from heaven above
Or is it more just down to earth
And comes with us from time of birth

Tell me true and tell me now
Of your heart to win some how
A Juliet you are to me
And sure of that is how I be

For William Shakespeare when he told
Of this lady so long ago
When or where she would appear
Or to who it is, she'll hold so dear

Oh Juliet, Juliet, foretell me how
You have my head up in the clouds
My mind no longer I control
My heart is locked, the key you hold

And since it's Romeo, of whom you speak
Is it not him, of who you seek
Tell me please, I need to know
Have you found your Romeo?

written by Edwin Galarza, Aug 99

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